Digital Product Design

Taking digital products from idea to shippable

But What Do You Mean Digital Product Design?

Digital Product Design means different things to different people. For us, the term includes every facet of design as it relates to the evolution of a digital product or service. Whether you’re an individual founder with an idea or a Fortune 500 design team rolling out a new tool, we’ve done it all.

Who Needs This?

What’s Your Process?

Although no two products look the exact same, services on these projects typically include a phase of Research & Discovery, Ideation & Validation, Visual Design and Applied Design. The necessity and duration of these phases depends on the current state and mission of the product or service. 


We start by meeting with stakeholders to solidify the key objectives for the project and discuss the details of how our teams will work together.


Based on the needs of the project, we’ll put together a competitive analysis, run workshops and interview stakeholders or users to grasp the full picture.


We synthesize research, identify opportunities and create clear visual design goals. Then we develop a project strategy and roadmap.


We prototype concepts, create or refine the visual design system and test our learnings. 

Applied Design & Hand-Off

We deliver High-Fidelity screens and create full documentation for the visual design system, prototype or final product. 

What’re the Outcomes?

Funsize is a digital product design studio that helps inspiring product teams, small and large, uncover opportunities, bring new products to market, evolve digital products and services, and explore the future.

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