Banter: Connecting People with Awesome Stories (with James Reggio and Steve Krenzel)

September 30, 2018
On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
James Reggio
Steve Krenzel
“If you are working with a startup, you need to teach them how to fish. Don’t just hand them a fish.“
About this episode

Banter is a brand new and exciting social podcast platform for sharing and discussing podcasts, and discovering amazing new content and shows with your friends. Banter's Co-Founders Steve Krenzel and James Reggio join me on this episode to discuss the product's recent launch, their origin story, what makes Banter great, and their vision of the podcasting space.

Download Banter for iOS, or Android.

“There are more Americans listening to podcasts than being on Twitter... It’s really about connecting people to stories, and connecting stories to people.”

On this episode we discuss:

  • The Banter origin story. How Banter helps people discover new podcast episodes and shows through their friends and social connections.
  • Banter's cool Recast feature for sharing with the Banter community or on social networks.
  • What makes Banter special and why they decided to be cross-platform from the beginning. Sharing great podcasts with
  • Banter's Recast tool is great for podcasts that might never be heard.
  • How James and Steve run the company, develop product strategy and execute together, on separate sides of the continent.
  • Their experience working with Funsize to achieve Banter's brand and product design, and the value of design language systems.
  • The value of design in the early days, the present, and the future.
  • Advise for designers who work with startups, and advise for startups who work with designers.
On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
James Reggio
Steve Krenzel
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